Grupo Lacasa

It is said that passion is the extreme taste for something or someone and in the Lacasa family,
That something has a name: CHO CO LA TE

About us?

LACASA is a family business, founded in 1852 in Jaca (Huesca) by Antonio Lacasa, great-grandfather of the current owners, whose activity has focused on the production of chocolate since its inception.

Antonio Lacasa founded a store in 1852 where he sold fabrics, chickpeas and the chocolate he made himself.

The LACASA Group is fully consolidated as one of the first national producers not only of chocolates, but also of children's sweets, nougats, chocolates and caramels. As a result of the expansion policy initiated by the Group in the nineties, LACASA's products also have a strong presence in international markets.

Together with its traditional Lacasa nougats, the Lacasitos, the Conguitos and Mentolin are the most emblematic brands of the LACASA Group.

LACASA currently has 5 factories throughout the country (2 in Zaragoza, 1 in Toledo, 1 in Oviedo and 1 in Tangier), as well as three commercial subsidiaries in Lisbon (Portugal), Dijon (France) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). ).

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