Lacasa KKO Foundation

A non-profit project that has the firm purpose of creating, carrying out and promoting social works
to promote and improve the development of the Ivorian territory.

Lacasa KKO Foundation, the foundation of Grupo Lacasa, is born

There are four initial areas of work of the Foundation: the fight against child labor, the promotion of women's rights, the construction of rural infrastructure and reforestation.

Lacasa KKO Foundation is the result of the alliance of KKO Internacional, a French company dedicated to the cultivation of cocoa plantations, and Grupo LACASA, one of the main chocolate producers in Spain.

The first concrete step of the Foundation is the construction of a school in Bocanda, a town where the main plantation from which Grupo LACASA's chocolate is sourced is located.

In November 2023, the first stone of this school was laid, in the presence of the management teams of KKO International and Grupo LACASA, who came from France and Spain to attend this celebration, in which the rural communities in the area also participated.

The school will open its doors to all students in mid-March. A project that is already a reality and that marks the beginning of the history of Lacasa KKO school of Kotokounou.

November – 1st Stone

February – Floor and walls