Quality and environment

Committed to our customers and our environment

The assurance and continuous improvement of the quality of our processes, products and services is essential for the sustainable development of the GRUPO LACASA.

Therefore, and in order to demonstrate the public commitment of our organization in this area, all personnel, regardless of function, will be clearly identified with these principles and involved in achieving the objectives set.

Quality and Safety

The Grupo Lacasa is aware of the need to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers by manufacturing according to the specified requirements and complying with the service offered.

That is why the Grupo Lacasa Quality policy is inspired by:

Basic principles:

  • Compliance with food safety throughout the process.
  • Conservation of the environment, maintaining the resources and energy patented in its Environmental policy.
  • Compliance with legal requirements, food defense (food defense) and the risks of food fraud.


  • Continuous improvement of processes and products to increase the competitiveness and quality of existing processes, products and/or services, controlling the production indicators that affect the quality of the products.
  • Continuous improvement of staff and motivation by offering the necessary training at all levels.
  • Food safety is one of the basic principles of the Group, oriented towards the most demanding management systems in the sector and acquiring the commitment to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products and processes.
  • Maintaining an honest relationship with its clients as well as collaborating altruistically with organizations and NGOs.
  • Elaboration of products with approved suppliers.
  • Reduction of waste generation, particularly packaging and emissions.
  • The non-use of ingredients and/or additives that are or come from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the transparent management of allergens.


The commitment to the Environment is essential for the sustainable development of Grupo Lacasa and therefore a benchmark in all the company's actions.

In line with this, and to serve as a guide in all our activities, our principles of action in this matter are detailed, as well as our public commitment.

Grupo Lacasa sensitized with the Environment considers the following:

Basic principles:

  • Comply with all applicable provisions, environmental laws and other requirements.
  • The continuous improvement of the activities carried out.


  • Develop and promote, both in its production process and in the rest of its activities, the use of raw materials suitable for the environment, taking into account an efficient and sustainable use of renewable resources, a reduction in the environmental impact and the generation of waste, as well as the reuse of materials and a safe disposal of waste materials.
  • Ensure that all its activities are carried out within the commitment to comply with the legislation and other requirements that the company subscribes in environmental matters.
  • Prevent contamination and assess potential risks.
  • Promote energy saving by encouraging the rational use of different forms of energy and efficient production projects.
  • Promote environmental training, awareness, participation and communication to all workers, extending it to clients, suppliers and subcontractors, to achieve a greater environmental commitment among all, promoting their active integration and teamwork.

special certificates

In line with the needs and requests of our clients, we are certified in numerous certifications always under the range of our objectives of Quality, Food Safety, sustainability and global satisfaction to all our national and international clients.